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End to End Game Development

Pre Production


  • resourcing
  • concepting
  • designing
  • planning


  • design iterations
  • programming
  • quality assurance
  • audio
  • art


  • distribution
  • delivery


  • post-delivery content
  • improvements
  • updates
Virtual Reality
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Playstation VR
  • HTC Vive

Virtual Reality

Phantom Compass has the expertise and imagination to bring your virtual reality dreams to life- from the practical to the fantastical. We build VR entertainment, business and marketing solutions to immerse audiences in bold new ways. You dream it and we make it, let’s explore the unexpected.

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A Little About Us

We're game makers, well-travelled trailblazers, and pathfinders. We guide brands and agencies to new ground in the world of surprise and delight!

Since 2008, Phantom Compass has been providing full game development services and creating spirited and adventurous original games. We are staffed by industry veterans working in Unity 3d (C#) and Phaser (HTML5) to reach PC, Virtual Reality, mobile, tablet, console and handheld platforms.

With extensive expertise and industry experience, we captain our clients through the challenging world of video game development, creating a trusting and rewarding client-developer journey. As an experienced, boutique organization, our clients work directly with senior team members to reach their destination.

A few of the great folks we work with

The Phantom Compass Team

  • Tony Walsh

    Company Director

  • Jos Yule

    Technical Director

  • Ericka Evans

    Head of Production

  • Thomas Detko

    Associate Producer

  • Adam Eaton


  • Eric McQuiggan

    Senior Developer